Uniform Dress Code Policy

Bleeker JHS 185 has been a uniform school since 2007. Successful adherence to the dress code helps eliminate disparities and competition due to a student’s appearance, improves students’ self esteem, and helps increase the focus on academic achievement.

Students are required to wear the following items:

  • Short or long-sleeved collared knit shirts (“polos”): 6th grade polo color: White, 7th grade polo color: Blue, 8th grade polo color: Black (7th and 8th grade polo colors are subject to change annually);
  • Boys: Navy blue or khaki chino pants or shorts (weather permitting);
  • Girls: Navy blue or khaki chino pants, skirts, or shorts, “skorts” (these are short/skirt combinations), or “capris” (weather permitting);
  • Cardigan sweater in a color that coordinates with pants/shirt (NO HOODED SWEATSHIRTS); JHS 185 crewneck sweatshirt may be purchased from school and is an acceptable part of the school uniform.
  • Sneakers or dress shoes.

Gym Uniforms may be worn on days that students have gym. Discipline will be imposed for failure to comply with the uniform dress-code requirement.

Uniform components may be purchased, in-person or on-line, at a variety of vendors. Vendors include, but are not limited to: Target (www.target.com), Cookies (on Jamaica Avenue), Old Navy (www.oldnavy.com), The Gap (www.gap.com), and Land’s End (www.landsend.com, and at Sears). Target, Cookies, and Old Navy are the least expensive, The Gap and Land’s End more expensive. If a parent cannot afford to purchase the attire, please contact Mrs. Meyers, Parent Coordinator at Bleeker JHS, 718-445-3232 or gmeyers2@schools.nyc.gov. All requests for assistance shall be kept confidential. Parents have a right to request an exemption from the uniform requirement.

We are encouraged by our ongoing high compliance rate, and thank you for your support. We hope that you will continue to provide crucial at-home reinforcement which will ensure the future success of the uniform dress-code initiative. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.